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Float for your Health

Float therapy is a luxurious escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures and a natural way to heal the body and mind.  When combined with the zero-gravity like environment, the floatation allows your body and mind to enter into its deepest state of relaxation.   Floating is especially beneficial for those who experience chronic pain,  anxiety, burnout, and have high-stress levels. Everyone from older children, to senior citizens and pregnant women benefit from floating.

The top 4 benefits Floating provides


1.  Reduction in Pain

The magnesium in the Epsom salt eases muscle, joint, and low back  pain, as well as increase circulation and reduce blood pressure. In a 2006 study  involving seventy patients, 54 of which who had stress-related pain,  found that after twelve floatation treatments pain, stress,  anxiety, and depression decreased. Optimism or positive attitude, sleep  quality, and prolactin increased and stayed increased for up to 4 months after treatment. It was determined that float therapy is an effective way to treat stress related pain.

Fibromyalgia, a disease which is characterized by widespread pain and fatigue, has a new friend in floating. In his paper, “The Effects of Flotation REST on the symptoms of Fibromyalgia,”  Dr. Borrie found that study participants diagnosed with fibromyalgia  experienced, “Significant reductions in pain, muscle tension, stress,  anxiety, and sadness, as well as significant increases in relaxation,  feelings of well-being, energy, and ease of movement,” after only three  sessions. These subjects also experienced better sleep quality.


2.  Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety affects about 40 million adults in the US and depression affects approximately 15 million people  each year.  Most often people are treated with medication and talk therapy, float therapy is a new methodology that is gaining ground. In a 2001 study conducted by the Journal of Canadian Pain Society, it was found that  float sessions decreased anxiety and depression and increased  optimism. In a 2014 study,  65 participants were randomized into a wait-list control group or a  floatation tank treatment group who received twelve floatation session  over seven weeks. The control group has a rise in depression; whereas  the flotation group saw a nearly 50% decrease in depression. It was then concluded that float therapy is successful in reducing stress and  depression symptoms.


3.  Improved Creativity and Productivity

Many people say they use sensory deprivation to recharge their batteries and access their creative mind. In a study conducted in 1987 by the University of British Columbia, five psychology  professors participated in six, one-hour float sessions and six,  90-minute sessions sitting alone in their office. After each session,  professors would dictate research ideas into a tape recorder. Findings  showed that the research ideas post-float session were more creative  than the office sessions. It indicates that “These findings support the  prediction that float therapy would facilitate high-level creative behavior and  positive affect.” 


4.  Mindfulness and Reduced Stress

According to the American Medical Association, 60% of all human  illnesses can be derived from stress. Justin Feinstein, Ph.D. is the  director of the only float lab in the US, The Float Clinic and Research  Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Through his studies, he is finding positive scientific data that floating does decrease stress and increase mindful meditation: “Our preliminary analyses are showing that the stress circuits of the brain are shutting off post-float.”  The near-zero gravity state of the float pod allows the body to relax  and because it reduces the outside minutia, people can look inward and  practice mindful meditation. With the removal of outside stimuli, floaters focus on what is in the pod with them, most notably, their heartbeat and their breath. Many people who have difficulty meditating  find it much easier in a pod.

Magnesium & Sulfate

Magnesium is an essential element to the human body in which adequate amounts are commonly not obtained from diet alone.

Sulfate plays an important role in many biological processes. It is found in every cell of human body. It is essential for production of collagen and for maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. It is known to help flush toxins, to purify and detoxify the body of medications and environmental contaminants like heavy metals.

What to Expect while floating

You can expect the following.......

  •  Our pods hold 10 inches of water and 1,000  pounds of dissolved  Epsom salt, the buoyancy will allow you to  safely fall  asleep. We also provide earplugs, ointment for scrapes and cuts, shower  products and even a flotation pillow if you would like a little additional neck  support.

  •  A shower is required before  entering the float tank, and it is recommended that you float in your birthday suit.

  •   After your float, you will experience immediate benefits that include soft skin, relaxed  body, calm mind and an increased sense of well-being. For the next day  or so you’ll  notice a reduction of pain and inflammation, and an amazing night’s sleep. A regular practice of floating will  increase these effects and allow them to last even longer, providing  consistent benefits.

  •   The salt in the float pod does  not dry out your skin at all.  Your skin will feel soft after your float. Research shows floating helps with skin conditions  like body acne, eczema and psoriasis  

  •  It may take more then one float for you to be able to quiet your  mind.  Our float pods are equipped with an underwater light that allows you to select a color that suits your therapeutic needs and can be turned off once you get comfortable. 

  • Sensory deprivation as a treatment option is  gaining popularity not only holistically, but scientifically as well.  Floating has been shown to decrease stress and pain while increasing  creativity and mindful meditation. Be sure to pick a high-quality  floating center such as REVIVE to have the very best experience possible.   


REVIVE Float Spa Services

Float Therapy/Sensory Deprivation

The meditative experience you encounter in a float pod is an excellent way to reduce stress and find balance in your life. Many diseases are linked with stress, so floating can help alleviate both physical and emotional pain. Studies have shown therapeutic benefit for people suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, P.T.S.D., insomnia, and addiction.

Maternity Floating

Being in a float pod is much like being in the womb, and many pregnant women have reported a deep, even spiritual connection with their unborn children when they float.  Some have even been able to tune in to the sound of their child's heartbeat.

Athlete Floating

Optimal performance, prevention of injury, and reduced healing time are main reasons athletes float.Floating provides the genesis of healing for athletes who are suffering from various types of joint and muscle pain, sprains, surgeries or injuries. The density of the Epsom salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer, and puts the body into a a state of total relaxation which allows the body to naturally begin to heal itself. 

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